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Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Why are Gold and Silver Lagging Inflation? (11/24)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Is Risk a Thing of the Past? Markets Don't Grow Old if They're Manipulated! (11/22)
Curmudgeon: Inflation versus the Fed; AI Unicorns in 3Q-2021; a Flipping Home Fiasco (11/15)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Is the Fed a No Risk Hedge Fund or a Ponzi Scheme? (11/08)
Curmudgeon: Inflation, Oil Futures, Energy Stocks, Gold vs Real Rates and U.S. Debt (11/01)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Global Liquidity Supernova; Oil Price Rise vs. Equities, VIX, Inflation Persists (10/25)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Down to Their Last Pennies – Investor Market Exposure Unprecedented (10/18)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Fed Ignores Inflation Spike, Panic/Euphoria Index, Energy Prices, and a Secular Bull Market in Commodities(10/11)
Curmudgeon: Eye Opening Charts and Commentary are Wake-up Call for Investors (10/04)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Classic Movie Quote Analogy, Small Business Formation, and the Next Fed Chairman (10/04)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: A Potential Petrodollar Shock with a Huge Impact On Markets (09/27)
Curmudgeon: Fed Induced “Free Money Party” Creates Record Unicorn Stock Offerings (09/27)
Curmudgeon: Valuations Explode with Investors Confident It’s Different This Time (09/20)
Curmudgeon: Cost of Money at 5,000 Year Lows Even as Inflation Surges (09/13)
Curmudgeon: How Will the Fed and ECB Cope with Stagflation? (09/06)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Markets Celebrate Excesses; Fed Chair Has Skin in the Game! (08/30)
Curmudgeon: Wall Street are Quacking While Technical Indicators Deteriorate (08/24)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: RRP’s: Wall Street Newcomers Need a Monetary Education! (08/24)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: The Death of Sanity (08/16)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Inflation, Debt Monetization, MMT; “Earnings are Pesky Details” (08/09)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: The Fed Pours Gasoline on an Already Red-Hot Real Estate Market (08/02)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: NBER Declares COVID-19 Recession Over – Shortest on Record (07/26)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Elevated Stock Market Sentiment, Technical Divergences, and the Fed (07/19)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Critique of Fed’s Semi-Annual Report to Congress (07/12)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: How Long Can the Fed Monetize Debt and Perptuate So Many Asset Bubbles? (07/05)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Complacency and Confidence Soar as Central Banks Ignore Surging Asset Bubbles (06/28)
Curmudgeon: 95% of Financial Media Content is Either Wrong or Irrelevant (06/21)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: A Historical Look at Inflation; Fed Delay is Cause for Concern (06/14)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Inflation and Debt are Systemic Threats to the U.S. Dollar (06/07)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Investment Pro’s: Clock Ticking on Bubble Markets (05/31)
Curmudgeon: Point Counterpoint on U.S. Economy; Investment Risk Revealed (05/24)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Critque of the Fed’s “Transitory” Response to Rising Inflation (05/17)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: April Jobs Report Disappoints with BLS Fudging the Numbers (05/10)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Technology Fab Five Biggest Winners from Covid-19 Pandemic (05/03)
Curmudgeon: Know-Nothings are the New Wizards of Wall Street (04/26)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Gold vs. Bitcoin – Which One Will Survive (04/19)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Who Controls the United States of America? – Part II (04/14)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Stock Market Valuations Enter the Twilight Zone and Wall Street Could Care Less (04/12)
Curmudgeon: The Fed’s Massive Credit Market Intervention Fuels Junk Bond Mania (04/06)
Curmudgeon: More Extreme IPO Valuations Latest Sign of Financial Euphoria (04/05)

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