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Curmudgeon: Tech Companies Dominate the Stock Market but For How Long? (10/19)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: How Does America Keep Functioning While It Sinks Into Depravity and Corruption? (10/12)
Curmudgeon: Sept 2020 U.S. Jobs Report; Recent Layoffs; Labor Participation Rate Decline; GDP Forecasts (10/05)
Curmudgeon: Analysis of September 2020 OECD Economic Report: Living with Uncertainty (09/20)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Global Economies Rebound, but Won’t Reach Pre-Coronavirus Levels Till (09/14)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: U.S. Government Economic Numbers Are Not What You Think They Are! (09/14)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Detailed Look at August Jobs Report Reveals BLS Disinformation Campaign (09/07)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Will the Fed’s New Monetary Policy Stimulate the Economy and Inflation? (08/31)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Magnificent Six Stocks Up Mightly; Rest of Market Down in L Shaped Economic Recovery (08/21)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: End Game for U.S. Debt Spiral: Hyperinflation, MMT, and Minimum Basic Income (08/20)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: A Historical Review of Money and Gold in the U.S. (08/14)
Curmudgeon: Gold Makes All-Time High as U.S. Dollar Debasement Continues (08/09)
Curmudgeon: Rhetoric vs Reality: PPP Loans went to China Owned Companies (08/02)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: U.S. vs China Cold war, Economic Comparison, Gold Holdings (07/27)
Curmudgeon: Heightened Tensions in the South China Sea; Flashpoint for Global Trade (07/22)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Goodbye Hong Kong! China Trade Deals Can’t be Trusted (07/19)
Curmudgeon: Is the U.S. – China Deal a Relic of History? (07/13)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: The Fed Creates Another Moral Hazard and Ends Free Markets (07/06)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Economic Fascism, Corporatism, and the Move to Anarchy in the U.S. (06/29)
David Haggith: 2020 Economic Predictions: This Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse (06/26)
Curmudgeon: Coronavirus Update: U.S. Economy Hit Hard; IMF Forecasts Worse Downturn; Disconnect Danger Ahead? (06/25)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Mnuchin’s Re-Reversal on Disclosing PPP Loan Recipients; Large Corporations favored over Small Business (06/22)
Curmudgeon: COVID-19 Economic and Psychological Pain MUST be Alleviated Now! (06/07)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: New Undisclosed Threats to the US Economy and Markets (06/02)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: China Threatens Hong Kong’s Autonomy; Scraps GDP Targeting (05/25)
Curmudgeon: U.S. Unemployment Situation Much Worse than April BLS Report (05/10)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: The Hokium of a “V” Recovery and Stock Market Rally (05/03)
Curmudgeon: California Governor Newsom Becomes the “Anti-Trump” On Immigration (04/26)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Perspective on U.S. Economy and the Coronavirus – Suicide is NOT Painless! (04/17)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: No “V” Recovery in US; Perspective on the Economy and Bear Markets (04/06)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Mixed Sentiment and Composite Indexes; Bad to Horrific Economic Outlook; Debt Crisis Looming; Relax Nonetheless! (03/29)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Perspective: U.S. Economy and Stock Market Implode in Just 21 Trading Days! (03/22)
Curmudgeon/SuperBear: Did Your Market Timing Service Get You Out at the Top? (03/13)
Curmudgeon: Did You Buy the Dip? How is Your Melt-Up Portfolio Doing? (03/10)
Peak Prosperity (YouTube): Coronavirus Breaks the Stock Market (03/10)
Curmudgeon: Have Earnings Become Irrelevant for S&P 500 Companies? Monster Bubble vs Depression? (02/24)
Charles Hugh Smith: The Fed Has Created a Monster Bubble It Can No Longer Control (02/19)
Curmudgeon:  Whatever Happened to the Inflation Premium on 30-year U.S. Treasury Bonds? (02/17)
Curmudgeon: Fed T-Bill Buying Persists Depsite Ultra Easy Financial Conditions (02/10)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Has the U.S. Economy Really Comeback or Weakened? What’s the Outlook for 2020? (02/02)
David Haggith: Stock Market More Overpriced and Perilous Than Anytime in History (01/27)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Analysis of China’s Economy: Debt Fueled Growth, Trade Deal to Test Trump, Risk of Shadow Banking, etc. (01/20)
Curmudgeon: China Economy Expands but Debt and New Loans Soar; Trade Deal Revisted (01/19)
Curmudgeon: Phase One Trade Agreement Signed, but Tariffs Remain in Place (01/15)
Curmudgeon: Will Geopolitical Tensions Effect the Oil and Stock Markets? (01/12)

Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Can Central Banks Change the Stock Market’s Primary Trend (01/05)

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The Fed with its Keynesian vision believes it can hold off a correction forever. In the history of the stock market, that’s never been done.

Confidence and complacency are more acute now than any time I’ve seen before. All expressions of overvaluation are at historical extremes. Despite this, most money managers remain in the market. The thesis is “if it’s going up, regardless of anything else, I want to be in it.” Perhaps the best indicator of complacency is the VIX which at its current level of 13 tells us that investors see no reason to protect their positions. Every minor decline is seen as a buying opportunity. The rationale is that the Fed would not allow anything worse than a 10% decline. If the stock market starts sinking between now and October 1st, I will be most interested to see if the Fed eliminates QE.

Richard Russell, 90-year-old publisher of the Dow Theory since 1958.


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