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Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: A Historical Look at Inflation; Fed Delay is Cause for Concern (06/14)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Inflation and Debt are Systemic Threats to the U.S. Dollar (06/07)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Investment Pro’s: Clock Ticking on Bubble Markets (05/31)
Curmudgeon: Point Counterpoint on U.S. Economy; Investment Risk Revealed (05/24)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Critque of the Fed’s “Transitory” Response to Rising Inflation (05/17)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: April Jobs Report Disappoints with BLS Fudging the Numbers (05/10)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Technology Fab Five Biggest Winners from Covid-19 Pandemic (05/03)
Curmudgeon: Know-Nothings are the New Wizards of Wall Street (04/26)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Gold vs. Bitcoin – Which One Will Survive (04/19)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Who Controls the United States of America? – Part II (04/14)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Stock Market Valuations Enter the Twilight Zone and Wall Street Could Care Less (04/12)
Curmudgeon: The Fed’s Massive Credit Market Intervention Fuels Junk Bond Mania (04/06)
Curmudgeon: More Extreme IPO Valuations Latest Sign of Financial Euphoria (04/05)
Curmudgeon: U.S. Tech Deal Resurgence Fueld by Expensive Stock (03/29)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: Who Controls the United States of America? (03/22)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: U.S. Government Deception Exposed; Inflation to Increase (03/15)
Curmudgeon: Guarnteed Income Payments – Welfare on Steroids (03/10)
Curmudgeon: Analysis of Profligate U.S. Government Spending and Guaranteed Income Experiments – Part I (03/08)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Inflation Inevitable as Fed Since Volcker Has Becoming Increasingly Dovish (03/01)
Curmudgeon: The Popularity and Risks in Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) (02/16)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: The Disconnect Between U.S. Equity Markets and the Economy is Accelerating (02/08)
Curmudgeon: Mania in GameStop and AMC the Most Irrational of Irrational Exuberance Seen So Far (02/01)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Europe’s Economy Won’t Recover Anytime Soon (01/25)
Curmudgeon: China’s Economy Outpaces All Other Developed Countries in 2020 (01/18)
Curmudgeon: Will $4 Trillion Deficits Cure the US Economy, but Tank the Dollar?  (01/11)
Curmudgeon: U.S. – China Trade Agreements; Will a New Administration Have Better Luck? (01/04)
Curmudgeon: Euphoric U.S. Stock Market and Pandemic Plagued Economy in Total Opposition (12/28)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: A Perspective on Monetarism, Valuations and Manias (12/28)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: The Constitution vs. the Coronavirus Lockdowns (12/21)
Curmudgeon: Will Another Huge IPO Bubble Lead to Another Huge Crash? (12/14)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: U.S. Stocks at Record Highs but is There a Disconnect from the Economy? (12/07)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Assessment of Global Economy Amidst New Coronavirus Lockdowns (11/30)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: New Asia-Pacific Trade Pact Poses Challenges (11/16)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Gold Review and Outlook after Biden “Elected” U.S. President (11/09)
Curmudgeon: All Bets Are Off in a Contested Presidential Election (11/02)
Curmudgeon: China’s Economy Now the World’s Largest; CCP 5 Year Plan Outlook (10/26)
Curmudgeon: Tech Companies Dominate the Stock Market but For How Long? (10/19)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: How Does America Keep Functioning While It Sinks Into Depravity and Corruption? (10/12)
Curmudgeon: Sept 2020 U.S. Jobs Report; Recent Layoffs; Labor Participation Rate Decline; GDP Forecasts (10/05)
Curmudgeon: Analysis of September 2020 OECD Economic Report: Living with Uncertainty (09/20)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Global Economies Rebound, but Won’t Reach Pre-Coronavirus Levels Till (09/14)
Sperandeo/Curmudgeon: U.S. Government Economic Numbers Are Not What You Think They Are! (09/14)
Curmudgeon/Sperandeo: Detailed Look at August Jobs Report Reveals BLS Disinformation Campaign (09/07)

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Notable Quote(s):

The Fed with its Keynesian vision believes it can hold off a correction forever. In the history of the stock market, that’s never been done.

Confidence and complacency are more acute now than any time I’ve seen before. All expressions of overvaluation are at historical extremes. Despite this, most money managers remain in the market. The thesis is “if it’s going up, regardless of anything else, I want to be in it.” Perhaps the best indicator of complacency is the VIX which at its current level of 13 tells us that investors see no reason to protect their positions. Every minor decline is seen as a buying opportunity. The rationale is that the Fed would not allow anything worse than a 10% decline. If the stock market starts sinking between now and October 1st, I will be most interested to see if the Fed eliminates QE.

Richard Russell, 90-year-old publisher of the Dow Theory since 1958.


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